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Exfoliating Soap Pouch
Plastic free natural soap pouch made from sisal fibres. Sisal is a fibre from a species of Agave plant, and has a natural scrubby feel to it, perfect for exfoliating. Slip a bar of soap into these pouches and use...
Bamboo Cotton Buds
100 Cotton buds made of bamboo & organic cotton. There are no plastic parts to these cotton buds, or the cardboard box, so it all can be composted or recyled.  
Wooden Washing Up Brush With Replaceable Heads
Wooden washing up brush with replaceable head. With bristles made from fibres of the Tamico plant, this bush is designed to replace your plastic washing up brush. With a normal washing up brush, bristles can snap off and wear down,...
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Bamboo Biodegradable Plasters
Suitable for all the family, Patch plasters are made entirely of compostable materials. These plasters are made with 100% organic bamboo fibre, the cardboard tube is made from recycled materials & is also compostable. Each plaster is wrapped separately, as...
Fairtrade Organic Cotton Buds
Fairtrade organic cotton buds with recycled paper stems. Box of 100. Entirely plastic free, the cotton for these buds is GOTS certified, meaning it's grown without any synthetic pesticides, which is great for the people that work to grow it...
None Sponge - 2 Pack - Natural
None sponges are plastic free reusable washing up sponges. Made of a highly absorbent, naturally antibacterial, organic bamboo core and a ridged cotton layer, these are a perfect alternative to a washing up brush or those yellow plastic scouring pads....
Natural Latex Rubber Gloves
A pair of natural latex reusabel rubber gloves from responsibly managed rubber tree plantations. Ideal for washing up or cleaning your kitchen or bathroom, there is a light pattern on the fingertips to help with grip. Lined with a lightly...
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