Bracelets & Bangles

From vibrant wooden beaded bracelets to stylish silver plated bangles, our range of beautiful bracelets has something for everyone. Ethically sourced, many of our bracelets are handmade using traditional techniques. Statement cuffs, coloured sequins, animal charm bracelets or flowers, our bracelets will suit everyday work wear or can be dressed up for a night out.

Treaty Jewellery Chunky Metal Cuff Bracelet £16.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Black & Grey Wire Bracelet £7.50
Treaty Jewellery Chunky Circular Bracelet £15.00
Eye Bead Bracelet
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Shared Earth Eye Bead Bracelet £8.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Metallic Bead Bracelet £12.00
Square bangle
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Treaty Jewellery Square bangle £16.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Triple strand flower bracelet £12.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Brown wooden bead bracelet £6.00