About us

Hi! My name is Becky & I’m the owner of The Naughty Shrew. I created The Naughty Shrew a couple of years ago when I was getting fed up with not being able to buy the beautiful, fair trade colourful jewellery that I liked to buy at festivals any other time of the year. Not keen on fast fashion & cheap, low quality, (and often made in an exploitative way) fashion jewellery, I really struggled to find nice things for myself and for gifts for others that didn’t cost a fortune, so, I decided to do it myself! A website manager in my day job, I found it relatively easy to set up my own website – photography did not come quite so easily.

A couple of years later & this is now my only full time work, I’ve expanded the range considerably to be a one stop shop for beautiful ethical jewellery, gifts & an increasing range of home and kitchen wares to help you cut down on waste & single use plastic. Everything we sell is ethically produced abroad or made by small scale producers here in the UK, using natural, planet-friendly resources without exploitation anywhere along the supply chain.

I live in rural(ish) Devon with my partner Matt (you’ll meet him if you come along to a show), a cat (Oscar), a snake (Snakey) and some rescue chickens. We have a tiny, wonky, 1850’s cottage (Shrew HQ) and an allotment-style garden which is bigger than our house, and enables me to attempt to grow some food. In my spare time you’ll find me at the beach (but not in school holidays!) or on Dartmoor. Holidays are usually a festival and I’d be lost without music. I’m an almost life-long vegetarian, and am passionate about animal welfare, preserving wildlife and living without impact. I believe it is up to us, as individuals to all do our best (within our own circumstances) to help to heal the world for the next generation.

I’d love to hear from you – you can find me at all the usual social channels or drop me an email. If you’re a supplier who has perfect products for us (ethical, quirky, non-mainstream) please get in touch at