Ethical & Fairtrade Jewellery

Browse our range of fairtrade and ethical jewellery. We chose a variety of jewellery in a range of materials - metals & natural wood, sequins & unusual beads to give you a choice to suit your style. We never compromise on quality & most of our products are handmade by skilled artisans who are paid a fair price for their work.


Suzie Blue Jewellery Long Lava Stone Bead Necklace $24.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Turquoise/Blue Sequin Necklace $20.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Long Bronze Bead Necklace $20.00
Treaty Jewellery Pineapple earrings $19.00
Treaty Jewellery Pineapple Necklace $34.00
Matador Necklace
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Treaty Jewellery Matador Necklace $24.00
Shared Earth Flower & Leaf Necklace $20.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Triple strand flower bracelet $16.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Brown wooden bead bracelet $8.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Brown Wooden Bead Necklace $16.00
Treaty Jewellery Chunky Metal Cuff Bracelet $21.00
Suzie Blue Jewellery Black & Grey Wire Bracelet $10.00
Treaty Jewellery Chunky Circular Bracelet $20.00
Eye Bead Bracelet
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Shared Earth Eye Bead Bracelet $11.00