Wooden Washing Up Brush With Replaceable Heads

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Wooden washing up brush with replaceable head. With bristles made from fibres of the Tamico plant, this bush is designed to replace your plastic washing up brush.

With a normal washing up brush, bristles can snap off and wear down, meaning plastic can end up in the water supply. With this brush, even if that happens it doesn't matter. And with a replaceable head, it means there is minimal waste.

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 To change the head:

Change the head by gently wiggling the metal prongs where they are attached to the neck of the handle. It doesn't take much force, just twist it slightly & it will come free. Replace the head & wiggle the metal back in.

If you have one of our other style of brushes, slide the metal clip behind the brush head down towards the handle, and the head will come free. Replace the head and slide the clip back up. It can be a little stiff the first couple of times you do this.

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Wooden Washing Up Brush With Replaceable Heads
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