Wooden Washing Up Brush With Replaceable Head

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Wooden washing up brush with removable and replaceable head made from plant-based bristles.

With a handle made from FSC certified beech wood, and bristles made from Tampico fibre, this brush is biodegradable (apart from the metal bits, which can be recycled).

Tampico comes from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus and has great water-retaining properties and is hard-wearing.

By using the same brush and just replacing the head when it wears out, you can cut down on waste (and save money) by not replacing the whole thing each time.

Unlike a normal washing up brush where bristles can snap off and wear down, which leaches microplastic down the drains, the bristles on this brush break down naturally so it doesn't really matter.

Hang to dry between uses. Made in Europe.

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To change the head:

Change the head by sliding the metal clip behind the brush head down towards the handle, and the head will come free. Replace the head and slide the clip back up. It can be a little stiff the first couple of times you do this.

If you have one of our older style of brushes then you can gently wiggle the metal prongs where they are attached to the neck of the handle. It doesn't take much force, just twist it slightly & it will come free. Replace the head & wiggle the metal back in.