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    No Mow May

    No Mow May

    “Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign doesn’t ask you to do much. In fact, it asks you to not do anything at all…

    Just lock up your lawnmower on May 1st and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.”

    This year, due to the cold / dry / then wet weather, I think we’ve been ‘no mowing’ for May & April – probably more – but right now it’s blooming. So many wild flowers, lots I don’t know the names of, and the bees are loving it.


    For those that don’t know, I have a very long, very narrow allotment style garden – it’s about 3m wide by 100m, give or take. It shares a path with my next door neighbour, and, via a large bramble patch, ends in a little stream. I’ve lived here maybe 4 years, and our garden has a chicken run, a greenhouse, a tiny polytunnel and some vegetable beds. The rest is mostly grass – or an unintentional, literal, wildflower meadow.


    As May draws to a close, and the sun is shining (at last!) I thought I’d take some photos of the beautiful wildflowers in my garden.




    So, are you a ‘no mow’ fan? Or do you prefer a tidier lawn? Let me know 😊

    Find out more about Plant Life’s No Mow May campaign.

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