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    5 easy ways to be a little more eco friendly in 2021

    Reduce your meat or dairy intake

    There is a little doubt that animal agriculture contributes in a big way to climate change. From deforestation to grow feed, to intensively reared animals, going vegan is one of the biggest changes you can make to live a sustainable life. Yet it’s not easy. It can be expensive, both with time & money, if you don’t know what to eat to ensure a balanced diet. If you’re not ready or wanting to take the plunge completely (and that’s totally ok), then try Meat-free Mondays or perhaps cook vegan on the weekend when you have more time to cook? There are so many meat-free options available in the supermarket right now so try a couple with each shop until you find things you like.


    Swap your washing up brush or sponge for a plastic free version

    Cutting plastic out of your home can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you do it all in one go. By waiting until something runs out & replacing it with a more sustainable option, it helps keep costs down and means you don’t get overwhelmed!

    If you’re unsure where to start, look at your washing up. Whether you prefer a brush, sponge or dish cloth, there are plastic-free versions available for everything. With most options they aren’t much different, so it’s a fairly easy swap to make.


    Switch from liquid soap to hand soap

    As we’ve all been washing our hands a bit more this year, we’ve been getting through the soap. If you use liquid hand soap, try switching to a bar. You use less of it each time, meaning you save money, and there is absolutely no waste. Choose one in a cardboard box or wrapped in paper rather than plastic, and you’re good to go. OR, if you really can’t bear to be parted with liquid soap, there are plenty of refillable options if you’re happy to seek them out.


    Use old towels for kitchen cloths

    Wiping up spills or cleaning surfaces in the kitchen usually involves paper towels or those blue checked disposable cloths, but there is another way! If you’re feeling fancy you can buy unpaper towels, but an old towel, sheet or t-shirt works just as well. Cut them up into kitchen roll sized pieces & you’re good to go. When you’ve got a pile of used ones, chuck them in the washing machine and start all over again.


    Leave your garden to get messy

    AKA let wildlife reclaim it!

    Ok you don’t need to let it go full on jungle, but letting a little corner run wild or leaving the daisies be (put that weedkiller away) will encourage all sorts of beneficial insects to flourish. If you want to really embrace this idea, scatter wildflower seeds and don’t mow your grass at all during Spring. It will be beautiful and you will have more flowers than you know the names of. During our second year in our house, and getting a bit lax with the mowing, we noticed a patch of wild strawberries under a tree we never knew was there!